Human means

Human means

Expertise at the service of your needs

In order to satisfy quantitatively and qualitatively customer expectations in the best time and with a high technical level, the CABINET BRINGER has developed the necessary staff and resources.

Recruitment policy

The human resources development is a primary concern of our company in order to guarantee the success of operation.

In this direction, the CABINET BRINGER introduces an accurate policy of recruitment and the concept of human resources management, with aims to engage the best candidate and to motivate employees while giving a sense of responsibility.

This organization improves the service quality and the customer satisfaction.


Firstable, to success this challenge in an intensely competitive environment, the CABINET BRINGER recruited Stephane BELLO LUCAS who is the person in charge for human resources.

Recruitment policy

Best Specialized Universities

The CABINET BRINGER policy has been performed with Mrs Roger BRINGER.

The aim of this policy is to recruit from the best school specialized in our sector.


For example, engineers of the CABINET BRINGER come from the following schools:



In a third time, the CABINET BRINGER trains his team at the new work tools and technical regulations, in order to maintain their high level of technicality and improve our business.


The results of this policy are very positive.


Our business profiles

The quality of our manpower is strengthened by the good repartition of itself. Indeed, at the moment, The CABINET BRINGER is constituted of 28 partners. 

So 86% of the CABINET BRINGER manpower works at the productive task.

Technicians, CAD operators
Administrative employees

Our processes

To conclude, each one of our partners works in a harmonized system of organisation in order to obtain the ISO 9001 certification. Common rules and process are applied on each new project. Theses arrangements optimize the follow-up of the projects and the information sharing.


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