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Technical expertise

CABINET BRINGER has been established since 1988 in several areas of expertise.



Technical fluids and all trades synthesis

Our services

Depending on the projects entrusted, our technical team can carry out these different missions to meet your needs.

Thermal studies

Our employees establish all regulatory thermal studies using specialized software, based on the market and the standards referred to therein.

Calculation notes

As part of our missions, we carry out all the calculation notes HVAC execution, plumbing, smoke extraction, gas (Inputs, Losses, Pressure drops, EU, EV, EF, EC, ECS, Loops, EP, EG).

Graphic documents

CABINET BRINGER carries out all the graphic parts related to the execution study in accordance with the standards and the rules of the art (network plans, reservation plans, terminal plans, diagrams, technical room plans, Synoptics…) produced using the latest software available on the market.

Technical synthesis

CABINET BRINGER has collaborators specialized in synthesis missions, whether technical or architectural.

For these activities, a specific organization allowing a perfect technical but also administrative management is set up.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Many CABINET BRINGER employees have a perfect command of the REVIT software and use it daily in the context of the projects entrusted to us.

We are therefore able to process your files for which the REVIT software is required.

Design studies

We establish measurements and quantities to allow you to respond to calls for tenders.

We operate in all sectors of activity (hospital, industrial, tertiary, housing, etc.).

Modern technical means

Our technical means

As technology is constantly evolving, CABINET BRINGER has adapted to these changes by using all the new technical means existing in its field of activity. Our mission is to bring you an irreproachable quality of work.

Our skills

Our team of experts is made up of different profiles.

Technicians, CAD operators

Our references and areas of expertise

From our good and professional fame, we regularly get business in all France (Paris, Ile de France, province) and many countries worldwide, either from the head office at Morangis (Morocco, Seychelles, Turkmenistan, Nigeria….), or from abroad (US, Gabon).


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14 av. du Général Warabiot 91420 Morangis  |  +331 69 10 06 41

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5 rue de la zone artisanale 64420 Nousty  |  +335 59 16 01 72

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1 av de L’Angevinière 44800 Saint-Herblain  |  +332 85 52 47 61

Charente Agency

3 Rue des sources 16170 Val D’Auge  |  +336 07 31 12 56

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